Undo Your Damaged Liver Naturally…All Without The Nasty Side Effects of Drugs

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Even though the liver is separate from the GI tract, it is critical for nutrient digestion, metabolism, storage, and detoxification. Learn how the liver helps us digest food and store it for when we need energy. By Raja Narayan.
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10 thoughts on “Liver

  1. Fats cannot be stored as glycogen as they cannot be converted into glucose
    which is the substrate for glycogenesis… and lipoproteins are not a means
    for storage of fats in the liver, it is a means for transport around the
    body. If your liver is storing fats you should seek medical attention
    because you have fatty liver disease.

  2. Why I’m resistant/immune to any medications/drugs? Painkillers,
    Anti-depressants other stimulants never worked for me for my entire life,
    however, for my sister it works always and almost instantly with the same
    dosage. Drugs have no effect on me and also no side effects at all. I would
    rather prefer to get some side effect to be sure that my body is reacting
    to the medication. Otherwise it feels like it’s washed out from my body in
    the first minute after I take it.

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