Liver Cirrhosis


Undo Your Damaged Liver Naturally…All Without The Nasty Side Effects of Drugs

Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis

22 thoughts on “Liver Cirrhosis

  1. So true and clear with beautiful arts!My friend just passed away because of
    this! They blame the acid reflux causing the bleeding in the stomach but
    doctor said it’s the liver ! The family don’t believe because she never had
    pain in the liver only the stomach bloating and gas and the worst the acid
    reflux and she fainted unconsious but several time she woke up like nothing
    happen everything looks fine and she could be normal again but two days ago
    she was gone and doctor pumped her stomach and so much black liquid ! RIP
    my friend so sad that you have to through this suffering ???

  2. Like drawings more than information not because you don’t explain well but
    the drawings are so amazing.

  3. Thank you so much. i was wondering if you could share the picture of the
    whole thing that you drew (maybe a downloadable file or something) :)

  4. omggg!! u r an absolute genius man .. wat a clear explanation with splendid
    sketches … ufff! amazed .. dude u inspire me… thank you! may God blesss

  5. Thank you, my father has end stage liver cancer and thus causing Liver
    Cirrhosis, but the doctors in the hospital has a hard time explaining what
    my dad is actually going through and I didn’t understand the pain my dad is
    going through too. This helped me to understand his condition much better,
    God bless you. :)

  6. Doesn’t a reduction in cardiac output result
    in vasoconstriction not dilatation? Isn’t that the body’s attempt to
    maintain blood pressure? You stated in your video that the heart thinks
    that there is a reduction in the volume of blood so it causes vasodilation.
    Please clarify.

  7. Thank you so much! I am currently doing a presentation on Liver Cirrhosis
    and have to bring the patho to MODS. This was extremely helpful.

  8. Wow, after finishing this video, it makes me want to quit alcohol
    altogether. I didn’t realize how important the liver is to the entire human
    body. Thank you so much for this. For those of you who drink excess
    alcohol, take heed, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIVER!! Take care of it

  9. In Hepatorenal syndrome, there is basically portal hypertension and the
    damaged liver released some mediators and therefore splanchnic vasodilation
    occurs (Remember: the kidneys are not part of the splanchnic circulation).
    This causes a decrease in arterial filling which activates arterial and
    cardiopulmonary receptors and causes compensatory vasoconstriction and RAAS
    activation so Sodium and Water are retained and the plasma volume is
    increased! In basic terms, the kidney is getting less blood compared to the
    other organs cause their arterial supply was dilated, so the kidney thinks
    there is less volume so it activates RAAS and you get edema formation and
    renal vasoconstriction (which is hepatorenal syndrome)! Thanks a lot as

  10. i literally paused to grab a cup of hot coffee because its 2.25am and
    raining outside and ur drawing was jus too good to watch till the end ….
    wat an effort jus amazing

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